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Package Contains

Coconut Wash  

 Brightener & Calmer Serums

Buff Pads 

Hand and Body Bright Eyes 

Lip Cure Lim Balm 

Royal Glow Face Cream

Pomegranate Cream 

Glory Face Cream


Pumpkin Masque

Rose Gel Peel

Samples Brochures 

And Always a Special Gift 



 Being a Distributor will allow you the freedom of becoming your own boss. 


Work your own hours that give you the desired income you deserve. And all from home!

In the meantime, you will be helping others feel better about themselves and give them the confidence they need.

The Distributor has access to a private Page on Facebook. Each Distributor has access to our website and to the company by

Conference calls and the ability to speak in the call to our Main Lab and professional Technicians.

Youtube videos are up and more coming. Keep looking

Each Distributor will receive an email when we announce new products and specials.


 You will be given an access Password to Order directly from the site on an exclusive Page just for you.

You will be given a phone number and email address in which you may communicate with us at any time should you have questions or concerns.


 When you become a Distributor you are  enrolled in our system as a Business Owner.

Your initial income is 30% easily working up to our Max of 50%

You are in DIRECT sales ..We are not an MLM. Our discounts are on award basis from the Company only.


As you register yourself as a Distributor  you will receive a package of our products.

This package will contain.


A The Entire line of skincare 

The Royal Spa Kit containing Two 1 oz Serums

1. The Brightener which is high in Vitamin C including  Grapefruit and Lemon and has a proprietary  blend of exclusive essential oils Including a Royal Oil exclusively made  for This Kit.

The Brightener serum will exfoliate the skin and diminish age spots and give the skin a smoother and more radiant appearance.



2. The Calmer a proprietary blend of Essential Oils including Lavender and Chamomile and The Royal Oil exclusively made for this Kit. The Calmer is for  Relaxing the skin, softening it and attacking lines.


These two serums combined are formulated to give your face a more youthful appearance.

These serums will not clog pores. 


Essential oils are not  of lard or vegetable oil. They are made from the resins of healthy plants ...Raw plant material - Note this: Most oils are distilled making them fresh and healthy.


3. 1 oz Royal Glow Face Cream This is a light cream used for moisturizing the skin and contains the Brightener and Calmer giving the skin that EXTRA Boost, leaving it moist and more supple.


4. Organic Wash This is a 2 oz container with a Coconut base.


5. Lip Balm  is Nontoxic and non-addictive. It was formulated especially for Redeem And Renew The flavor is Raspberry/Blueberry with a 20 % SPF


NOTE: Directions on how to use this  Royal Spa Kit Package are included in the package.


B. The Hydro-Force System This is a MOISTURE LOCKING system that is cohesive with  our Royal Spa Kit giving your skin the SPA Treatment at home in less than half the time.


This system allows the customer to develop their own personal system using our products.

Included in this package are:

1. Hand and Body Lotion To be used all over the body and for all ages and skin types .

Has been shown very effective on super dry and damaged skin.


2. Glory Face Cream A blend of nutrients of Organic and Natural materials Containing minerals and vitamins. It's rich and can be used on dampened skin for a more optimal effect.


3. Bright Eyes The eye cream that will soften crow's feet and help with sagging under the eyes.

This cream is rich in nutrients and Vitamins including vitamin C. 


4. Lip Cure A special blend of Organic Oils and Creams to give the lips a healthier look while at the same time attacking the fine lines that can form around the lips.

In some cases it has been used to assist heavily cracked and dry lips Plus frostbite.


5. Royal Glow Face see above  cream Lip Balm our specialty balm is Raspberry/Blueberry to give  smoother lips.

NOTE: Directions are provided on how to use these products.


C. Facial Masque

1  1 oz Rose Gel Glycolic Peel With scoop this is a 12 % glycolic peel. Leaves skin smoother and softer attacking lines.

1  1 oz Pumpkin Masque With Scoop This is purely vegetable and addresses a dull, aging and clogged complexion.

1 oz Pomegranate Face Cream

Firms skin and aids with skin irritations. Pomegranate helps to form a barrier against a harsh environment .


NOTE: Directions are on the label


D. In the Distributors Package:

 1 Hand and Body sample bottle

10 Brochures

10 Lip Balms 

10 Royal Glow Face Cream Samples

You may order extra samples at any time through A hidden Distributor's Page.

A package of Buff pads for your clients to use while trying the cleanser. 



These will include: 

10 Lip Balms  Royal Glow Face Creams and Rose Gel Glycolic Peel. 

This is an extra 30.00


The Distributor also has access to become a Distributor of our Health and Fitness aids at a 25% discount

this will stay at 25%.

These products are formulated by a lab in Atlanta that specializes in Sports and Fitness Wellness products.

We will be adding more of these products from time to time.


All of these Wellness products are online to view: 

These Items will be available in the Private section online including a description of them

They are not included in the Distributor's package.


NOW are you interested?

Here is how this works.

 Selling Options:

You purchase through the site ,it gets shipped out to your Customer from either us or the lab.

Yes, you may purchase in bulk and sell directly at your convenience. This will cut down wait time.

You must purchase before we ship.

If buying in bulk we send the order to our Lab and The Lab ships out.

REMEMBER our skincare is FRESHLY POURED. Always allow 1 -2 weeks to get your products. Especially in bulk.


So be prepared in advance if you are having a party or a special. 

Yes, you may have a website..we do not furnish that.

You may start a Facebook page, Twitter and other social media sites. This will help you to promote the brand.

And you will have  exposure for sales.

Yes, you can have an Etsy store and use Amazon. 

You cannot undercut the main site in pricing.

You may sell directly to Salons & Spas etc.


If you want Business Cards that represent our company you may order them through us and we will have them sent to you. Prices vary so contact us first.




If you have landed a Salon or Spa customer contact the Redeem and Renew main site and we will assist you with this.


You may have home parties and public events announcing this new skincare system.

You may give any allowable discount to your customers. 

Any sale item on the site will not reflect your discount. Your discount is from  the max selling price Not a discounted price.


How do I get paid? 


YOU get paid right at the start... Your customer buys directly from you and you buy directly from the main store.This website.

It's that simple

You charge 8% tax

You pay no tax on wholesale to us.

BUT, you will pay shipping costs. Remember they will vary from state to state and country to country.

Always try to keep that in mind.

You are accountable for your 1099 as a Sole Owner of your business.

We do not help in your taxes, you are accountable for your own business.

You will receive a written agreement in your package.

When you get it you have 15 days to return it to us.

Please keep a copy for yourself We must have the original back for our records.

We do encourage monthly sales of $100.00 US or more. 

If you meet his criteria you may bounce up quickly to a 50% discount rate.

Contract will be either mailed to you or emailed to you thank you



This is a 458.00 Package Plus a 100.00 Startup fee making it 558.00 not including shipping.

You get this package as a Skincare Consultant Distributor for  393.60 $US that's 30% Discounted

Plus 30.00$US shipping.   50.00 $US  for International shipping


Business Use Only

30 Day Return Policy Redeem And Renew Skin Solutions LLC  Get Fit Skin Fit

SOS 4;7 My darling, you are altogether beautiful and there is no blemish in you. 


All Legal Inquiries will be in Illinois only 

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